10 Signs That You Have Hard Water at Home

showerhead - san diego 24 hour plumberApproximately 85% of American households are dealing with hard water and its negative effects. Hard water can affect your health, your appliances, and your plumbing system. Your house isn’t as clean as it should (and could) be and your appliances struggle, working less efficiently. Even the laundry isn’t as soft and white as when washed in soft water. Hard water can damage your home and your wallet, which could lead to a plumbing emergency. Apart from having your trusted San Diego 24 hour plumber on speed dial, you should keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs of hard water issues at your home. Continue reading “10 Signs That You Have Hard Water at Home”

What to Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak

gas leak pipe icon - 24 hour emergency plumber san diegoIn our last article, we touched on several signs that may warn you of a natural gas leak. Once the leak is detected in your home, both electric and fire sources will become a hazard. Natural gas cannot burn by itself and won’t ignite without getting in contact with oxygen and an ignition source. Any spark, no matter how small, could cause an explosion. Even turning a light switch on or off may ignite the leaked gas. This is why you should immediately contact a trusted 24 hour emergency plumber San Diego for emergency gas leak and line repair.

Before making the call, it’s important to follow these basic steps and avoid a potential explosion. Here’s what to do.

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How to Detect a Gas Leak

Gas Stove - 24 hour plumbing service san diegoAccording to the American Gas Association, more than half of U.S. homes use natural gas for space heating and home appliances. Natural gas is indeed one of the safest and cleanest fossil fuels. It is also highly combustible, so if you happen to have a gas leak, you are at risk of a fire and explosion. Only one electrical spark can initiate the combustion. That’s why if you spot a leak, you should immediately call your trusted 24 hour plumbing service San Diego and have the problem solved as soon as possible.

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6 Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

old clogged sewer line - plumber rancho bernardoThe sewer system is one of the essential systems in your home and necessary component of everyday life. It plays a vital role in the function of your plumbing system. This is why when you experience a broken or blocked sewer line, you face a major plumbing emergency that requires a prompt reaction. Sewer line repairs are quite the undertaking, so it is important to immediately call your trusted plumber in Rancho Bernardo or another area you live in.

To avoid repairs and sewer line replacement, keep in mind that you should have the sewer line regularly checked and maintained. But what if you neglected some of the common sewer line issues for quite a time, and have to deal with a broken or clogged sewer line? Our Plumbing Plus knowledgeable and trained experts can help you with any plumbing issue.

Here are several signs to keep an eye on that could indicate you need to call for sewer line repair or replacement services.

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How to Clean a Clogged Drain?

using a plunger - mira mesa plumberSo you’ve got a clog? Don’t worry, it happens, and it happens often! Clogs are one of the most common plumbing emergencies. And one of the most annoying ones, as well. Drains can be blocked for a variety of reasons, from cooking oil and washed off food to hair and soap residue.

Even if you’ve noticed that water in your tub or kitchen sink is draining slowly, you should deal with it as soon as possible before it becomes fully clogged.

The good news is that armed with the right tools and techniques, you’ll be able to combat most minor clogs without having to resort to your trusted Mira Mesa plumber or a reputable plumber in the area you live in.

Here are a few useful remedies and tips that will help you handle a clogged drain and keep the water flowing.

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How to Have Your Sewer Line Cleaned?

Pipe Cleaning San DiegoThe sewer system is one of the most important systems for your household. It is essential to your everyday needs. Imagine if you weren’t able to take a shower, use the dishwasher or the sinks. These appliances are all connected to the sewer line.

So nobody wants clogged lines and the sewer to overflow. Especially because these sewer line issues can be really stubborn. Chemicals might seem like a simple solution, but there’s a catch! Harsh chemicals and acids can temporary resolve the problem, but may damage the pipes and lead to a bigger one. Don’t do it yourself!

If the sewer line gives you a headache, the experienced and skilled professionals at Plumbing Plus can help you with sewer line repairs or replacement and any plumbing San Diego issue.

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How to Tell the Difference between a Good and a Bad Plumber

plumbers working - san diego plumbing serviceThis year’s National Fix a Leak Week is over. It was a reminder to all of us to check for plumbing leaks. As we are well aware, San Diegans quite often prefer fixing minor issues themselves rather than hiring a plumber. Nonetheless, no man is an island and in some cases and the problems can’t be solved without seeking out professional help.

As a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association and of the San Diego community, Plumbing Plus has been devoted to helping residents and businesses not only during the Fix a Leak Week but whenever we get a call.

Leak prevention, plumbing installation, emergencies, repairs or renovations – it is always good to have an experienced team of professionals around. Nevertheless, in some cases you may find it difficult to tell the difference between a good and a bad plumber.

So hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. After the basic questions asked and answered, there are a few more matters to consider. The leading San Diego Plumbing Service gives you some guidelines.

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How to Save More Water with Your Next Home Remodel

Running Water from a Shower head - San Diego PlumbersHome remodeling is a great way to give your kitchen or bathroom a brand new look and improve their functionality. It also gives you a chance to make better choices in terms of equipping your home with eco-friendly products. We’re not just talking materials, but features like appliances and fixtures as well.

For example, old fixtures tend to spend more water while new ones were specifically designed to prevent water waste. The same goes for other appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. New models work just as well using significantly less water.

That said, if you are planning a home remodeling project in the near future, here are some of the best ways to ensure you save more water courtesy of the leading San Diego plumbers in Plumbing Plus.

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Here’s what to Do if Your Drains Reek of Sewage

Plumber Fixing a Kitchen Sink - San Diego PlumberMost homeowners use their plumbing system carelessly, forgetting that everything they flush could come back to haunt them if they aren’t careful. When used improperly, the odors can rush back through the pipes and permeate your home, leading to an unpleasant situation. But the smell is not the worst problem to come from this. The sewage odors could also affect your health as they carry all sorts of dangerous pathogens.

Even if you are somehow able to withstand the smell if you ever experience this issue the most important thing you should do is to contact an experienced San Diego plumber to find its source. There are some steps you could take on your own to temporarily take care of the problem, but make sure to contact an expert to make sure that there are no other underlying issues causing this problem.

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How to Save Water in Your Home

Running Water in the Bathroom - San Diego Plumbing RepairAs homeowners are becoming more environmentally aware, new technologies and methods are being developed to save our natural resources. The chances are that every household is spending way more water than it actually needs and that they can find ways to save a lot of it. The bathroom and the kitchen are the areas where water is used the most and are the perfect place to start the effort.

The reasons for excessive water use can vary from the homeowner’s habits to plumbing issues that require a San Diego plumbing repair expert. In this article we are going to list some of the ways you can cut excessive water spending, saving a lot of water and money in the process.

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Looking for the Best San Diego Emergency Plumbing Service? Here’s What to Ask!

Hiring A Plumber - San Diego Emergency Plumbing

Many San Diego homeowners feel comfortable fixing minor plumbing issues themselves. But some emergencies are too serious and too difficult to tackle yourself, especially without proper tools and experience. You have to learn to recognize which plumbing emergencies demand expertise and which ones don’t. Clogged sewers and broken water heaters are some of the most common emergencies best left to a reputable San Diego emergency plumbing service, as they can be messy and even life-threatening.

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Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaning in San Diego: Why Choose Green Products

Plumber in the Kitchen - Drain Cleaning San DiegoMany San Diego homeowners call us only when there’s a plumbing emergency. When faced with something less pressing, like a simple clog, many homeowners bust out their DIY drain cleaning kit and take a shot at the nasty clog themselves. Though more often than not, even the most DIY-savvy homeowners turn to a professional San Diego drain cleaning service when the clog refuses to go away.

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Water Heater Leaks and How to Handle Them

Plumber Repairing Water Heater - Water Heater Repair San DiegoYou might think a water heater leak is just a small issue, while in fact it could quickly evolve into a serious problem. Even if the amount of water leaking is small, it can still cause serious damage to your floors and walls. Even worse, water leaking from the heater might also be a sign of a more serious issue. Sometimes a simple leak could lead to a catastrophic flood which could cause a lot of damage to your home and demand expensive repairs.

Our skilled plumbers have dealt with countless cases of water heater repair in San Diego, from innocent to severe, and in this article are going to answer the frequently asked questions concerning this issue.

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Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure in Your Bathroom: A Complete Guide by the Best Plumber in Ramona

Unscrewing a Faucet Aerator - Plumber in RamonaWhenever you experience low water pressure in your bathroom or any other single room, there is a list of a few simple troubleshooting tips you can use to determine whether the problem lies in the faucet, the pipes or somewhere else. Sometimes the problem may lie in the fixtures, but it might also require you to ask for help from an expert plumber in Ramona, if, say, the problem is in your heater. Our experts have compiled a handy list if you ever experience such an issue in your home.

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Emergency Plumber San Diego: When Is It Absolutely Necessary To Seek Professional Help?

Burst Pipe Replacement - Emergency Plumber San DiegoAn emergency can strike at any time, and one of the most dangerous and devastating kind is a plumbing emergency. Plumbing emergencies can range from minor ones such as broken or frozen pipes to more serious ones like broken sewer lines or gas leaks. These could have hazardous effects on your home and your family. While regular maintenance can significantly reduce the chances of such a disaster striking, having an emergency plumber in San Diego you trust on speed dial is extremely important should an emergency ever occur.

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How to Know You Are Hiring the Best Escondido Plumber for Your Home?

Escondido Plumber SmilingTaking care of faulty plumbing is not a simple undertaking as many would lead you to believe. Depending on the service you need, you may need to hire a plumber with a particular set of skills and equipment, and hiring a trustworthy Escondido plumber will guarantee that you are getting the premier service done by a professional plumber with apt technical expertise.

However, looking for a quality service you may fall victim to a sham plumbing company, offering questionable services or simply trying to make you buy their product. This is why you have to think things through before deciding who to hire. Here are some of the things to know when looking for professional local plumbing service in Escondido.

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What is Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement?

Clogged P-Trap - Sewer Line Replacement San DiegoAll the drains in your home are connected to the main sewer line that carries the wastewater from your home to the city sewer system. However, as we previously expanded upon, the sewer line is susceptible to an array of potential hazards that can slow down or completely stop the wastewater flow. This is far from a mere inconvenience as this can cause horrible damage to your home. These problems include leaks, clogs, damage caused by tree roots or shifting soil. If you are lucky, the worst problem you will be faced with is not being able to use your plumbing system. The worst case scenario ranges from property damage to health risks due to wastewater exposure.

One of the ways to approach sewer line replacement in San Diego is by using a method called trenchless sewer line replacement. This is a very fast, effective and tested method to resolve any sewer line issues on residential and commercial properties, eliminating some of the issues associated with the traditional sewer replacement method.

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How to Prepare You San Diego Home for winter

Foam Insulation for Pipes - Plumbing Service San DiegoThe winter can be extremely harsh on your plumbing system. The sudden drop in temperature can cause a variety of plumbing issues, which is why it’s extremely important to prepare for the upcoming season by addressing all the problems and doing everything to prevent new ones from developing. As the premier plumbing service in San Diego, Plumbing Plus deals with winter plumbing problems on a regular basis, which is why we’ve compiled a list of preventive measures you can follow to make sure your plumbing system is ready for the upcoming season.

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Sewer Line Repair San Diego Common Issues & Trends

Sewer Line Repair San DiegoThe plumbing and the sewer system are among the most, if not the most important systems in your home. The two working together in harmony is key to a normal life. Without the sewer system, you wouldn’t be able to use your shower, sink or washer. Being that it is so important, proper maintenance is crucial if you want your sewer system to last.

However, if you’ve neglected it for too long, chances are you are going to need to repair the sewer line to ensure it keeps serving you well. Here at Plumbing Plus, we offer the best and most reliable sewer line repair in San Diego, and here are just some of the reasons you should consider repairing your sewer line.

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San Diego Tankless Water Heater Experts Debunk 5 Common Myths

San Diego Tankless Water Heater Myths

Tankless water heaters are growing ever more popular with San Diego homeowners, due to being cost effective and the fact that they are an innovative step forward compared to old water heater models. However, because tankless water heaters are relatively on the market, many homeowners are discouraged to make the decision and switch to tankless because they are not sure whether they are as good as advertised. A lot of homeowners are also discouraged by myths perpetuated on the internet, questioning everything from efficiency and cost to the safety of tankless water heaters. In this article, leading San Diego Tankless Water Heater distributor, Plumbing Plus, will address these notorious myths and shed light on how efficient tankless heaters really are.

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Hard Water: Adverse Effects and Prevention

Hard Water and Valve Leak Plumber San DiegoMost American households, roughly 85% of them, share the same water condition known as hard water. As water passes through rocks and soil on the way to our home, it picks up various minerals which are dissolved in the water, for example magnesium and calcium. When the content of these minerals in the water is above average to high, the water is considered hard. Some claim that hard water can have negative effects on your health, your skin and your hair. Any plumber in San Diego will contend that hard water can damage your plumbing system as well, leading to a plumbing emergency. All things considered, here’s why having hard water in your home is bad and how to prevent large-scale water damage.

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Expert San Diego Plumbers: Useful Tips In Case of a Plumbing Emergency, part 2

Emergency Tips Part 2 San Diego PlumbersIn our last article we touched upon some useful tips you should know in case you ever face a plumbing emergency. Plumbing emergencies occur without a warning and it is important to keep your head cool and not do something that will only make matters worse. Your first step should be to shut off the water supply and call a professional to assess the damage. That’s why it is important to look up a few 24/7-service San Diego plumbers and have their contacts by your side. Apart from that, we give you some of the most frequent emergencies and how to handle them until help arrives.

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San Diego Emergency Plumbing: Tips In Case of a Plumbing Emergency, part 1

Standard Plunger San Diego Emergency PlumbingA plumbing emergency usually occurs without a warning, but high temperatures are known to be the cause of a large percent of plumbing emergencies in San Diego. With the summer heat lurking around the corners, it is good to know what you can do to prevent a disaster. The best way to avoid any serious damage is to contact Plumbing Plus, the best San Diego Emergency Plumbing service, but there are some things you still can do to minimize the damage and avoid major repair costs in the aftermath.

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Expert San Diego Plumbers Reveal 5 Habits Harmful To Your Bathroom

Bathroom sink clogMost homeowners enjoy spending time in their bathroom, whether they are taking long and relaxing showers, taking selfies or getting ready for work. Many of them aren’t even aware that some of their daily habits can be extremely harmful to the plumbing. Leading San Diego Plumbers have compiled a list of 5 harmful habits that you need to root out immediately!

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