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Instant Hot Water

An instant hot water dispenser is a sink appliance that dispenses near-boiling water and is commonly situated next to your kitchen sink. The dispenser sits right at the edge of a sink, complimenting the existing faucet. Plumbing Plus offers hot-only or hot and cool water dispensers. Filtered water is also an option on select models. Instant hot water dispensers provide convenience to the kitchen and have become a favorite appliance among homeowners. Some common uses include preparing instant beverages like coffee and tea, cooking pasta, making soup, cleaning dried-on food from pans, warming baby bottles and cleaning without harsh chemicals.

Plumbing Plus offers top of the line hot water dispensers with many styles and finishes, which can be viewed in our showroom. Our plumbers are experienced in both the installation and repair of water dispensers.

Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Depending on the system you choose, Hot Water Recirculation Systems deliver hot water to individual or all fixtures in your house instantly and efficiently. Water recirculation systems do not rely on low water pressure, which is common in most water lines, but use a pump to rapidly move water from your water heater to the fixtures. Hot water recirculation systems deliver hot water to fixtures quickly without waiting for the water to get hot.

In addition to having the convenience of hot water on-demand, the system conserves water and can save energy. A circulation system will save you money on your water cost and can save up to 16,000 gallons of water per year.

Plumbing Plus installs the Metlund Hot Water D’MAND system for single fixtures, which is a high performance pump, integrated controller and electronic zone valve. The system requires no special plumbing, and Plumbing Plus can easily install it in new or existing homes or businesses.

For whole house Hot Water Recirculation, Plumbing Plus uses the Grundfos Hot Water Recirculation Solution, which includes time and temperature controls. Grundfos has a long history of innovative water heating solutions.

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