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Water Heaters

While Plumbing Plus can services any type of water heater, Plumbing Plus is an authorized installer of Bradford White and Noritz water heaters. Due to long, established relationships with our vendors, Plumbing Plus is able to offer competitive prices coupled with years of installation experience. Plumbing Plus has installed water heaters throughout San Diego for both residential and commercial clients.

Plumbing Plus trusts Bradford White for all its tank water heaters. Bradford White has a long history dating back to1881 and today is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of water heating in the world.

For tankless water heaters, Plumbing Plus uses Noritz, which leads the tankless industry. Noritz created the first tankless water heater in 1966 and is now recognized as the number one manufacturer in tankless technology.

Why choose a tankless water heater? Tankless is Green!

Tankless water heaters save energy. With a standard water heater, you heat & re-heat the same water all day & night. With tankless water heaters you only heat water when you need it & for as long as you want, cutting heating & energy costs.

They save space. Most tankless water heaters are compact in design, about the size of a small suitcase. Some can be wall hung.

Water Heater Flushing

Water heater flushing eliminates sediment build up. Sediment is small bits of dirt, rock and other debris that works its way into your water heater over time. Being heavier than water, it will settle to the bottom of the tank. Sediment buildup can potentially decrease the amount of hot water the tank can hold, or it can clog up the drain valve. Bacteria can also grow in the older tanks causing a sulfur or rotten egg odor. Plumbing Plus is not only experienced in flushing water heaters, but will provide you with a timing recommendation for future flushing.

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