Disposal Installation & Repair

Disposal Installation & Repair

Garbage disposals are an innovation that have completely changed the way people dispose of food in their kitchens. Garbage disposal installation not only offer ease and convenience but eliminate the issue of garbage can odor and gnats. Garbage disposals serve many functions, one of which is helping the proper draining of your sink, without excessive food and materials going down on accident, they are properly disposed of, allowing your dishwasher and sink to avoid inconvenient clogging and unpleasant odors.


  • Minimized clogging
  • Proper sink drainage
  • Healthier living space

Many apartment buildings and homes in San Diego were built a long time ago before garbage disposals were considered a kitchen necessity. Not only do we repair malfunctioning garbage disposals but also installing them. Plumbing Plus has skilled technicians trained in the proper installation of disposals. While garbage disposal repairs are on the lower end of the price scale, an installation can be a little pricier, usually averaging in the $300 range. At Plumbing Plus, we are aware that no matter how large or small, money needed for repairs doesn’t grow on tree. To work with your budget, we do our best to offer fair prices and up front budget assessments of what it will cost, with no hidden fees, to do the job.

While not having a disposal is an obvious need for installation, if your do have a disposal but it has issues on a regular basis or won’t turn on anymore, but instead makes an odd humming sound and you’ve already tried resetting it, it is most likely time for a disposal. When in doubt, Plumbing Plus can come to your home officially diagnose whether it is time for a disposal installation or if the damage is reparable.

In order to reduce the need for repairs it is important to note that while disposals are meant to rid you of the hassle of throwing excess food waste in your garbage, there are a variety of things it cannot dispose of. Some of these no disposable items include large food items, grease, hard food items, as well as foods very high in fiber.

While light, consistent maintenance may reduce your need for plumbing services, Plumbing Plus is the #1 plumbing company in San Diego for when you do need that repair or installation. Plumbing Plus is your neighborhood plumber, family owned and operated since 1984 we value our customers like family. As a family owed company, we strive to create lasting relationships with our customers by always being up front with them and providing them with the best service possible. Our plumbing technicians have been trained on all the latest techniques for installation and repair in the industry, are very experienced, and are the best in the business. In addition to providing you with outstanding service.

Disposal Installation & Repair

Certified, Licensed and Insured Garbage Disposal Specialists

Contact us for a reliable garbage disposal repair and installation:

  • Our skilled technicians will ensure your sink is properly drained and clogging is down to a minimum.
  • We can accurately assess the damage on your disposal and suggest replacement or repair accordingly.

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