Pressure Regulators & Drain Cleaning

Pressure Regulators & Drain Cleaning

Plumbing Plus is San Diego’s neighborhood plumbing company that has been serving the San Diego community and providing them with superior services since 1984. Plumbing Plus offers a variety of services including pressure regulator installation services and drain cleaning San Diego services.Water pressure regulator installation costs on the lower end of plumbing services, around two hundred dollars. While this is not a huge investment, it is important to consider service quality when planning to have a water pressure regulator installed. Plumbing Plus believes no matter how small an adjustment to your home, you deserve quality results which is why we only hire well-trained plumbing professionals to work in your home.


  • Great value for money
  • Minimized clogging
  • Upfront budget, no hidden costs

It is important to hire a professional to install you water pressure regulator in order to ensure that the pressure is neither too low nor too high. If the pressure is on either end of the spectrum, it can cause pipes to burst and flood. The result of a flood would be much more expensive than hiring a professional to do the initial installation. Plumbing Plus’ plumbing technicians are industry experts who are always prepared and well equipped to help solve any and all plumbing issues. Our plumbing technicians are regularly trained on all the newest industry techniques in order to ensure our customers are receiving the best service available.

Drains are a frequent plumbing issue for most households, they are easily clogged and hard to clean. Store bought drain cleaners are risky and can often result in damage to your pipes costing you a lot more money in the long run. It is important to call in our professional plumbing technicians when you drain cleaning in order to best identify the appropriate course of action. Plumbing Plus technicians are trained on how to diagnose a variety of drain issues and determine whether you simply need a quick drain cleaning or a full on repair. Our technicians will quickly identify the problem and make you aware of the process to remedy your drain issue.

Drain cleaning San Diego is a quick process that can be done efficiently and without further harm to your home plumbing system by our industry expert professionals. In addition to cleaning your drain, our technicians can give you tips and advise on how to prevent drain clogging in the future or at the very least reduce the frequency of clogging, saving you both money and frustration.

Whether it’s a quick fix or an extensive repair, we will provide you with an accurate diagnosis, up front budget with no hidden fees, and detailed plan on how we will go about your service. We guarantee our parts and labor so you can rest assured that you will be able to rely on the work we do in your home. No matter what your plumbing issue, Plumbing Plus has been trusted by San Diego residents for the thirty years and we plan to be here for you for thirty more.

Pressure Regulators & Drain Cleaning

Certified, Licensed and Insured Drain Cleaning Experts

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  • Don’t risk a half-done job by hiring unskilled service. Many satisfied customers throughout San Diego testify to our professionalism and expertise.
  • Get great value for money with top-notch workmanship and pocket-friendly rates.

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