Drain Line Stoppages

Drain Line Stoppages

Drain line stoppages are not only extremely inconvenient but also gross – nobody wants to wade in water while they’re trying to get clean. Drain line stoppages can happen all over your home and are usually caused by grease, fats, hair, toothpaste, or even your detergent. Plumbing Plus has industry leading plumbing technicians who can come to your home 24/7 to diagnose and resolve all your drain line issues.

Drain line stoppages occur when things like grease and hair build up in the pipes connected to your sinks and showers. The buildup eventually gets to the point where it blocks proper water filtration and causes the stoppage. An easy tell-tale sign that you have a stoppage in your drain line is standing water in your sink or tub. Standing water is unsanitary and can lead to mold and other issues that will end up in additional plumbing costs if not fixed as soon as possible.


  • 24/7 turnaround time
  • Prompt and precise damage assessment
  • Improved water filtration
  • Clean living environment

Outside factors can also cause drain line stoppages. Factors such as tree roots can contribute significantly to causing a huge-scale stoppage, since they can enter outside drains and subsequently block them or break them. In addition, debris like leaves, dirt or insects can also build up and cause a stoppage over time. If you have any reason to believe these factors can cause your drain line stoppage, it is imperative to call in an experienced plumbing professional to inspect your drain line with proper equipment and tools. Trying to fix these issues on your own can lead to mishaps and more severe damage.

Apart from inside buildup and outside factors, problematic pipes can also be the main cause of a stoppage. Some pipes tend to decay over time, which is especially the case with galvanized steel and copper pipes. Gradual decay can cause the pipes to burst, with small pieces being washed down the drain line and ultimately causing a severe stoppage. Needless to say, drains that are blocked in that way are bound to cause an overflow, which is a serious risk to your property and, most importantly, your health. These issues are best addressed by a trained plumber, since they have top-notch tools to identify broken pipes and leaks.

It is important to call a professional to resolve any issues you may be having with your drain line. The use of store-bought drain cleaners is often completely ineffective – store-bought drain cleaners do not work on hair, which is the leading cause for drain line stoppages. Basically, you will waste money thinking you are solving the problem, when in fact you will be creating it.

If you call Plumbing Plus to help you with your drain line stoppage, we can locate the closest technician and dispatch them to your home in no time. Our technicians arrive promptly and prepared. With high quality tools and supplies, our technicians can diagnose the severity of your drain line stoppage and decide what kind of repair work is necessary.

Repairs to the drain line can be very costly, especially if they aren’t addressed on time. Additional costs can be incurred if there is a need for digging outside your home or removing soil, or if the overflow caused a flood which needs to be handled as soon as possible. Plumbing Plus accounts for unforeseen costs and provides you with a fair cost estimate, without hidden charges. Our team will devise a plan in accordance with your budget and help you plan the necessary budget for a thorough repair work.

Drain Line Stoppages

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