Leak & Line Location

Leak and Line Location

Water leaks are the most common sign of water damage, as well as a sign of potential pipe clogging, drain or sewer line breakage or stoppage. In order to target the problematic point directly and avoid unnecessary excavation, it is crucial a leak is detected with absolute precision. Plumbing Plus technicians are highly skilled plumbing professionals, fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools to locate a leak inside or outside your home. We provide a reliable leak and line location San Diego service at affordable rates and with focus on premier customer service.

The process of locating pipe leaks used to be extremely expensive and time-consuming, given the amount of digging, repair and cleanup required. Nowadays, however, technology has advanced greatly, so the process is not only shorter, but much safer and more efficient. Exploratory digging is significantly shorter because our seasoned technicians know how to maximize the efficiency of the equipment they use to do an amazing and superfast job. With our leak and line location San Diego service, you can be sure to get a precise diagnosis and accurate price estimation based on it. There will be no hidden charges, because the overall cost is determined according to a straightforward calculation and not guesses.


  • Short and safe exploratory digging
  • Straightforward price estimation
  • Video inspection at attractive rates
  • Informative line tracing

It is worth noting that the whole system is analyzed in two phases: during the primary survey, the specific section of the pipe system is inspected, which used to be a lengthy process. Modern technology has enabled the automatization of the primary survey, so the whole system is inspected faster, even though it is inspected section by section. After the primary survey, the secondary survey is conducted to clearly identify potential leak spots. The process is thorough, and our technicians conduct it patiently and with attention to detail.

Plumbing Plus is proud to have highly versatile technicians and repairmen on our staff, which enables us to offer a variety of services and specialize in all their peculiarities. Our San Diego leak and line detection includes location of water pipe, sewer and gas leaks. Depending on the type of the pipe system, we are able to work efficiently both inside and outside your home with equal efficiency. We employ our extensive knowledge and experience in predicting possible obstacles, preventing potential problems and saving our clients’ money in the long run.

Since video inspection has become a standard in providing leak and line location services within the plumbing industry, we offer video inspection of drain and sewer lines at highly attractive rates. We firmly believe that modern technology is maximizing the efficiency of all our services, so we tend to keep up with the latest standards in the industry.

A significant part of our leak and line location service is line tracing. This service enables our clients to have a clear picture of the existing lines in their home and to take them into consideration when doing expansions or remodeling, or for future landscaping or excavation.

At Plumbing Plus, we tailor our services to our customers’ needs and we value their time above all. In most cases, we are able to dispatch a team of technicians to your home the same day you contact us, and not only in case of an emergency. Our dedication to exceptional customer service is what has made us the #1 San Diego Plumbing Service Provider.

Leak and Line Location

Certified, Licensed and Insured Leak and Line Location Experts

Contact us for a spot-on leak location and avoid unnecessary excavation:

  • Our reliable team of technicians is fully licensed to operate advanced equipment and achieve maximum results on both indoor and outdoor pipe systems.
  • We will perform line tracing and enable you to account for existing lines  when planning expansions or remodeling.

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