Pump Installation

Pump Installation

Sump pumps are an important part of your plumbing system when dealing with pump installation, they function to prevent your home from flooding by moving water away from your foundation. Sump pumps are located at the lowest part in your home in order to collect water that finds its way down there and moves it through with other water waste. Once the water reaches a certain level inside, it moves it out of your home.

There are two types of sump pumps to choose from, submersible and pedestal pumps. Pedestal pumps are the less expensive of the two but they do not function to the same level as submersible pumps must be replaced more often but completely rid the water from your home. A plumbing expert can help you decide which type and size of sump pump is needed in your home based on water usage and personal needs.


  • Flood prevention
  • Clean and solid foundation
  • Fantastic return on investment

Plumbing Plus boasts a team of plumbing technicians who are consistently kept up to date on techniques and processes, have years of experience, and are happy to provide outstanding service to each and every customer.

The average cost of installing a sump pump is generally in the mid thousands between $1,500 and about $3,300 depending on whether you go with a pedestal pump or a submersible pump and how your home is laid out. At Plumbing Plus we know this is a large amount of money and a substantial investment in your home which is why we will provide you with an accurate budget up front and will not allow any hidden fees to come up during the installation process.

Plumbing Plus has been in business since 1984 providing a wide variety of plumbing services to San Diego residents. As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on treating our customers the way we would treat family. With an emphasis on above and beyond customer service, fair pricing, and quality parts for your repair or installation, Plumbing Plus is the best in the business.

Pump Installation

Certified, Licensed and Insured Pump Installation Experts

Contact us to avoid flood damage and ensure your house has a strong and healthy foundation:

  • Our technicians will advise you on the most suitable type and size of pump for your house.
  • Have the pump installed properly and in a timely manner by #1 San Diego Plumbing Company.

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