Water Line Repiping

Water Repiping

Over time, pipes rust and start to erode which is why it is important to upkeep maintenance on your plumbing and to make sure you get your water pipes re-piped before they cause serious issues in your home.

What is water line repiping?

Water line repiping is a permanent solution to corroded pipes that are no longer functioning properly. It is a complete overhaul of your current pipe structure that takes time and money to have done. It is important to make sure you contract a trustworthy, experienced plumbing company to take on this project.


  • Permanent elimination of corroded pipes
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Long term cost-efficiency
  • Improved water pressure

How to know if you need to repipe?

Signs of aging water pipes that may in some serious need for replacement are rusty water, bad tasting water, low water pressure, complete loss of water flow, leaks and visible signs of corrosion. An early warning sign that you need to re-pipe is the presence of little dark flakes appearing in your tap water and a noticeable decrease in your water pressure.

What does water line repiping entail?

Water re-piping requires a plumber to go into walls, under sinks, and anywhere else where piping runs through your home. It is an intrusive process that requires the plumbing technicians to install hot and cold piping to all of your fixtures. Water re-piping can take up to three days, which is why we feel it is important to choose a local plumbing company with an upstanding reputation that you can trust in your home.

Plumbing Plus has many years of experience conducting successful water line repiping in all types of San Diego homes. Water re-piping is extensive process that is best left in the hands of experts. Our plumbing technicians are trained in the latest techniques, installation processes, and treat your home with the respect and care they would their own.

It is important to note that if you are planning to do a remodel in the near future, it is a good idea to do any re-piping needed before in order to reduce costs and avoid intruding on your newly painted or installed surfaces.

Plumbing Plus is available for any and all of your plumbing needs, rain or shine, day or night with our 24/7 emergency services and quick responding technicians.

Water Line Repiping

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